Full-Tilt Hydration

Amphipod Full-Tilt Hydration pack – Rated the "Best Water Bottle Pack of the Year" by a panel of experts commissioned by Health Magazine---Health Magazine


"I have tried every possible water/fluid device in the free world...Every iteration of a water belt I have tried. The "Full Tilt" water belt is the absolute best product on the market. This unit holds a fluid container sideways, along your lower back, in a very sturdy opening. The bottle is specially conformed to fit in this spot, and pull out easily. It has a special area where you can store small stuff (I folded a parka in case of rain in there) as well as a zippered pocket for valuables. I used this belt for the first time a the Chicago Marathon last week. Boy, what a treat. No bounce. Never leaked. Easy access for the bottle, didn't feel heavy, and no cutting along my burgeoning waist line. I even ran into a 7-11 on the course to buy some Coke. I poured out my water, ran to the soda fountain. The opening is very wide, so it took the ice fast. I filled with Coke, threw 2 bucks at the cashier and ran out. The top of the bottle is the squirt type. Works great. I totally recommend this for any of you, especially if you have been struggling with bounce and/or have not wanted to wear a belt due to discomfort or bounce." --- USA Fit Marathon Head Coach


"Amphipod Full Tilt Hydration – A hydration waist pack, the Amphipod features a new "angle." It's sculpted, low-profile, 20-ounce water bottle slips sideways into a snug and stretchy horizontal pocket in the padded waist belt. As you run, the bottle "nests" in the contour of your lower back. Result: no bouncing or sloshing. A wide opening on the bottle makes for easy filling (including ice cubes). The mesh waist belt comes with ample cushioning and back support. Two storage compartments provide room for gel packs, an MP3 player, or cell phone. For trail running, try the special model Amphipod which includes nine pockets for more storage space."--- Runner's World Magazine


"Back to the gym, stay hydrated. The Full-Tilt mesh-lined hydration waist pack comes with a 20-ounce wide-mouth bottle that rests securely in an insulated cocoon."--- New York Times


Most Amazing Inventions Issue – "The Full-Tilt Velocity bag rides comfortably across the lumbar region of your lower back. A bungee cord keeps the 20-oz. water bottle firmly in place. The zipper pocket is a plus."--- Time Magazine


"Let's just say it: Amphipod makes the best trail-running hydration products, period. Backpacks slosh and get sweaty, and most belt systems bounce, but the Full-Tilt Velocity waist pack stays in place, whether your gait is smooth or spasmodic. The 20-ounce bottle sits horizontally and is accessible even when you're bounding over rough terrain."--- The Best of Adventure Gear and Trends, National Geographic Adventure


"Amphipod has been making a name with hydration products based on low-profile physics and minimalist design, now has introduced a new bottle that revolutionizes the comfort of staying hydrated. Amphipod's body contoured Full-Tilt design seamlessly integrates with the body for bounce-free comfort and superior accessibility. Both the light, cushioned, fully vented pack and Amphipod's 20 oz. low-profile sculpted bottle are contoured to nest laterally in the small of the back. The bottle design amplifies the advantages of the horizontal bottle position, effectively eliminating sloshing, bouncing and chafing. The new Full-Tilt Velocity model with a secured zippered expandable outer storage pocket is perfect for any sport, and great for hot weather." --- City Sports


Five out of five star review "The Amphipod Full Tilt system is contoured to fit into your lumbar area with zero bounce and no interfering with the jacket, etc..." --- About.com


Profile-Lite Hydration

“With a super-light minimalist feel, the new Profile UltraLite is the perfect option for runners and outdoor enthusiasts looking for lightweight easy-access hydration with optimal storage capacity.  The Profile UltraLite combines the best in hydration technology with a roomy micro-fiber nylon zippered pocket for nutrition, keys, ID and smartphones.”---Oklahoma Sports and Fitness


Profile Lite Review – “I really couldn’t be happier with this product.  It has just enough room that I can carry the necessities, without giving me enough space to weigh the thing down.  The water bottles are in a good position, although it takes a little practice to figure out how to get them in and out on the go.  The hardest part for me was finding a comfortable position to wear it.  I don’t even like to wear a jacket when I run, so having something strapped around my waist felt foreign to me.  Also, I am the proud mother of a three month old baby girl, and I have the hips to prove it.  Overall, once I got used to it I was very happy with the product and will continue to use for the foreseeable future.”---Northwest Runner


RunLite Hydration

“The best thing about the RunLite is the ability to attach the bottles simply to the belt.  Amphipod uses clips which allow you to position the bottles horizontally or vertically anywhere on the belt.  Additional bottles and clips can be purchased.  The bottles secure themselves nicely to the clips and have never fallen off during my use.  Every once in a long while I haven’t secured the bottle correctly to the clip and the bottle has fallen, but that has been due to user error and not the functionality of the belt.  The belt is built with nice material that has never chafed during my use.  The belt also has proved secure as there is little if any bouncing, despite four bottles being attached.”---Endurancereviews.com


“The RunLite Series by Amphipod is my No.1 choice in hydration belts.  Whether going for a short run on a hot day to a long trail run with limited support, I find Amphipod to be one of the most comfortable and versatile belt systems on the market today.”---NY Daily News


“If you're getting into distance running, invest in a hydration belt. Look for one that can accommodate multiple bottles, so you can have one electrolyte fluid (like Gatorade), and one for straight-up water. Our pick: the Amphipod RunLite AirStretch 4.”---Men’s Health


Minimalism in Amphipod Hydration Systems – “The RunLite series is all about customization – bring what you need and how you want to use it.  You can position the Snap Flasks anywhere you want them on the belt, including vertical or horizontal or remove them.  The Snap Flask click in securely in and out with one hand.”---Examiner.com


"For multiple-bottle waist belts – Here was my clear winner – The Amphipod RunLite SnapFlask belt has 8-ounce bottles (more can be added) and a small pouch that evenly dispersed the weight on an elastic waistband. The bottles are light, and the wide belt didn't bounce." --- Seattle Times


"Amphipod is a new company specializing in cutting edge technology ion hydration waist packs and handheld bottles. Instead of continuing with the same foam-molded water bottle holster everyone has been using, Amphipod designed the revolutionary SnapFlask hydration pack. The Amphipod RunLite 4 features four, eight ounce bottles, a front storage pocket and the bounce-free Hybrid-Stretch belt. The bottles are retained in a molded docking base, and are released with a light squeezing pressure and snap back in place. The docking bases can be configured for either vertical or horizontal placement of the bottles. The four-ounce SnapGel modules also can be placed on the waist belt for handy access to energy gels. All of the docking bases also attach to the shoulder straps of packs for added versatility. All the Amphipod flasks are ergonomically designed for ease in handling."--- UltraRunning Magazine


"Amphipod SnapFlask 4 hydration belt – A versatile and lightweight hydration system, the SnapFlask 4 includes four 8-ounce bottles and a small pouch, providing quick access during the run section of triathlon or a long training run. The versatility is twofold: the option of carrying small servings of water, gel or an energy drink all at once, and the ability to position the bottles horizontally or vertically anywhere on the belt."--- Adventure Sports Magazine


"Amphipod RunLite SnapFlask3 – Bulky, bouncy hydration packs have gone the way of the knee-high tube sock – at least for runners. The RunLite 3, a stretchy waist belt, sits on your hips and doesn't disrupt your rhythm. It features three removable 8 oz bottles that can be filled with water, energy gel, or a mixture of both. It's slim, just two inches wide, for maximum ventilation."--- Men's Journal


"Prime Picks For Fall Success -- Amphipod RunLite hydration system is designed in two-, three- or four-bottle models. The hydration belt offers a new solution for triathletes wrestling with the challenges of drinking and eating on the go. The specially designed 8 oz. "SnapFlask" bottles can be placed anywhere on the belt and aligned either vertically or horizontally. Simple to remove and replace, they have 34mm-wide mouths for easy refill and cleaning. The stretch belt has a cargo pocket that can hold four gels or bars." --- Inside Triathlon Magazine


"I have had the pleasure of testing the new multi-bottle hydration system from Amphipod. The RunLite System consists of a snap-in design to hold bottles. These bottles can be moved and put in several directions. The belts to hold the bottles come in two styles, one to fit all, and three fitted sizes. The flasks have a wide mouth and are easy to fill. Each belt also has a front storage area that holds gels and bars. You can also purchase a gel bottle to add to the belt. Extra pouches are available, in small (5x3x1)and large (6x4x1). I found the large pouch held my MP3 player well and is the ONLY pouch on the market that kept the player dry throughout my run. The bottles are also dishwasher safe. I could find no downside with this product and will be buying more gel modules and pouches. This is an outstanding new product and is worth trying out." --- The Wisconsin Track Club


Five out of five star review "The Amphipod RunLite system allows you to add water bottles and gel flasks and extra pouches...It truly was stable, no-bounce, and easy to click the water flasks in and out. A real keeper." --- About.com


"Amphipod is introducing the RunLite Hydration Belt Series for trail running and multi-sport hydration. The patent-pending ultra-light belt sports 8 to 10.5 ounce flasks which snap into an ultra-light docking base for one-handed click in/out access. Belts can be fully customized for fluid/gel volume, bottle position and cargo capacity. " --- Outside Retailer Magazine


Rated #1 "Best Hydration Belt Overall" - "We have researched and identified the best hydration belt overall - Amphipod RunLite 3 - Why it's best: The RunLite series from Amphipod is the best way to get your fluids when out on a training run.  It is super lightweight and the material stretches for maximum comfort during even heavy breathing brought on by sprints or tough hills. The bottles snap into place, which makes them a bit easier to manipulate than belts with tight fitting pockets or elastic holsters. You make the determination as to where and how you want the bottles positioned, the holders are easily movable and the bottles can snap in vertically or horizontally. You can add extra bottles or pouches for the ability to make this a fully customized hydration system." --- Tested and reviewed by Jeff Wilson, Bestcovery.com


Handheld Hydration

Editor's Pick: Amphipod Hydraform Thermal-Lite 12- or 20-ounce – “This handheld system features a contoured, 12-ounce ($22) or 20-ounce ($24) bottle covered in neoprene to keep fluids cool on hot days (or warm on freezing days), plus a small zippered pocket. ?Pros: "I love how it required no muscle tension in my hand to hold this thing; it has great?ergonomics. And the neoprene cover keeps liquid cool (and keeps ice-cold liquids from freezing your hand). Plus, the zippered pouch is easy to operate with one hand, and holds two gels easily."?Cons: "You have to use the bottle that comes with it, which is a good bottle, but you'd have to replace it if lost."---Runner’s World


“Need two bottles? Get a hand-held and add that to your one-bottle pack. Amphipod makes a great hand-held bottle system in an oval shape that fits neatly into your hand.”---UltraRunning


“...Amphipod makes it about as easy as possible to adapt to something in your hand with its quick-adjust strap that secures the ergonomic, 20-ounce bottle in your palm. A zipped storage pouch is perfect for gels, keys or money.”---Competitor Magazine


“The Amphipod PURErun Handheld (16 oz) delivers a stainless steel running bottle that is both casual training and race ready.  It would be a great bottle for the out-the-door short to moderate run/race or a longer run when you have access to additional water. “ and “If stainless steel interests you, the Amphipod PURErun Handheld is a high quality product worth a look.”---Endurancebuzz.com


"I found the Hydraform Handheld superior in ease of carrying to any handheld system I have tried. The strap adjusts well for use while wearing gloves for cool weather runs." --- UltraRunning Magazine


"Running with bottles or packs used to be a pain. Not anymore, thanks to these new carrying systems. Amphipod Hydraform Handheld bottle is ideal for the minimalist runner who doesn't want to wear a pack. At 20 ounces, consider it a user-friendly step up from hiding water bottles in the bushes. Perfect for shorter runs, the Hydraform's ergonomically designed bottle and soft, adjustable hand strap minimize hand cramping and shoulder fatigue, since you don't have to grip the bottle to keep hold of it. Its wide mouth allows for easier cleaning, plus you can add ice cubes on the fly." --- Runner's World Magazine


Featured by Trail Runner in the hydration gear guide - Hydraform Handheld, Full Tilt Hydration Pack, Full Tilt Trail Hydration Pack--- Trail Runner Magazine


"The Amphipod PURErun Handheld (16 oz) delivers a stainless steel running bottle that is both casual training and race ready." --- endurancebuzz.com



“I want to share one of my favorite pieces of gear with you.  The Amphipod Air-Flow Endurance is a simple piece of gear that I use on almost every trail run. It’s lightweight, functional, and provides quick access to items I need when training or racing. My preference is front-access with running gear because during races I want to avoid removing a pack or fumbling through complicated pockets. I believe this pack is designed to be worn in back but I strongly prefer to have front-access with it located up front. It can be worn either way.


In races, I seek to move through aid stations filling bottles with water and continue down the trail while I mix the electrolyte powder or quickly replace food items in my pockets.  It is always easy to reach down to my waist while walking or running. For all these reasons, the Amphipod Air-Flow Endurance belt is one of my top picks for lightweight storage of gels, bars, and electrolytes.


The older version of this belt was simply a zipper pocket just a bit wider than a typical cell phone. It held my iPhone, a granola bar, and a couple gels. The newer version (pictured above) is a much-improved larger pocket with a 3-pocket divider inside. There are two elastic pockets on the outside. The larger inside pocket will hold a cell phone, granola bar and a couple gels (or other similar size items). The outside pockets can hold several gels, salt tablets, or small food items. The entire belt can be quickly adjusted with the elastic loops on either side. I have considered attaching two of these belts together and cinching up sides to have one on my front waist and one on my back. I have found it very easy to slide the Amphipod belt from front to back depending on the terrain or grade I am climbing.


Amphipod also sells various modifications for the belt itself, from clip-in plastic containers for food/fluid or possibly a 'trash can’ for wrappers etc.  They also have customization options for smartphones and/or race number attachment. For longer runs, I have combined this belt with other similar packs. The belt is barely noticeable but still gives me that quick access to my phone, gels etc...”---Trail and Ultra Running (trailandultrarunning.com)


“The RaceLite Go pocket is a nice expandable pocket made with a water resistant material that does a great job in protecting the contents from sweat and rain.  The pocket’s zipper opens and closes smoothly, so I don’t find myself struggling with it on a run.”---The Oregonian


Featured in The Best Running Gear - The ZipPod Stretch Shoe Pocket – “No pockets? No problem. This stretchy shoe pocket attaches to laces and is just large enough to hold your house key, cash, a debit card and ID.”---Prevention Magazine


Featured in Our Favorite Running Gear and Accessories - Amphipod Running Pack – “Stash your keys, ID, cash, and anything else you need in this secure pocket pack. Clip it on your pants or jacket and you're good to go!”---Fitness Magazine


"From the 'HOW DID WE EVER LIVE WITHOUT THIS?' Department... There are a number of items on the market today designed to carry your essentials on the run. (like that handy little pocket on the inside of your running shorts. Yeah, right.) We've tried many, but none have impressed us like this little number. The Amphipod Micropack has become a permanent part of our running wardrobe. It's small. But not so small that you have to cut your credit card or driver's license in half to fit it in the pouch. As a matter of fact, you can carry several cards or IDs with room to spare. Room for things like sunglasses, keys, gels, cash, business cards, chapstick, eyedrops, your Metrocard. It attaches to your waistband. No straps. No velcro through the laces. No nonsense. Just snap the stainless steel clamp onto your waistband and off you go. No bouncing, either. It's made of neoprene. Not plastic. Not nylon. Not a zip-top baggie. This stuff is durable, sleek and looks nice." --- New York Runner Magazine


"Amphipod Micropack – Stash your workout essentials (ID, cash, key) in this neoprene pouch, then slip it inside your shorts or trousers and clip it to your waistband. The low-profile Amphipod Micropack Landsport pouch lays flat against your skin, so just the clip part peeks out, making for a no-bounce, no-bother sporting scenario. You can wear it front, side or back. Also nice for a night out when you don't want to sport a wallet, pocketbook or (gasp!) the dreaded fanny pack. Features a sunglasses clip, too. Available in several colors and additional styles."--- Experience Magazine


"Going the extra mile... the Amphipod Micropack – This no-bounce pouch clamps onto your waistband to hold keys and other small items."--- American Health


"Stow and Go – Stop stashing keys in your bra and money in your shoe while you work out. Popular with runners, the Amphipod Micropack Landsport snaps snugly onto your waistband. The newest model, the Micropack All Conditions, keeps your stuff dry, even while you're swimming or jet skiing. Other packs can store a passport, cassette players or a CD player." --- Heart & Soul Magazine


"No more jingle jangle...Sick of having to deal with a bouncing fanny pack or an ID sliding around in your shoe when you exercise?...Carry keys, money, ID, and even sunglasses in the Amphipod Micropack. It fastens securely to the waistband of your shorts or fitness pants to fit snugly against your body, so it won't jiggle around when you are active..." --- Walking Magazine


"No more walks with keys jangling in your pocket, money crumpled under your waistband, identification sliding around inside your shoe. Amphipod's sleek neoprene Micropack clamps to the top of your shorts or tights; it has just enough room to carry the essentials, keeping them safe and still..." --- Health Magazine


"The Micropack (All Conditions), a pouch that clamps directly to the waistband of bathing suits, running shorts or cycling apparel. Because of the double clamp there is no cumbersome waist strap to hold it in place, and the neoprene pouch sits still and won't chafe your bare skin. Don't worry about the clamp damaging your activewear -- it has been designed to be snagproof. An inner pouch is included to waterproof keys, money or gels --ideal for triathletes constantly transitioning from water to land sports..." --- Triathlete Magazine


"Amphipod AirFlow Lite pack – Breathable from pack to strap, this pack is perfect for car keys, change and other goodies. " --- Walk About Magazine


"Light, slender, ergonomic Micropack clamps directly onto the waistband of your shorts or sweats. Worn snug against your body, there's no bounce, and the double hook and look closures provide plenty of security for your valuables while allowing you to get to your valuables quickly and easily..." --- Competitor Magazine


"Tired of being pummeled by keys or loose change that you've put in that useless little pocket inside your running shorts? The Amphipod Micropack is the human equivalent of the magnetic hide-a-key, with a super strong locking clamp and comfortable neoprene backing creates an add-on bounce-free pocket for keys, ID, cash, energy gels, even an MP3 player." --- Men's Fitness Magazine


"Run, baby, Run....Tired of tucking your keys in your waistband or sportsbra or tying them to your shoelaces? The Amphipod Micropack clamps to the top of your pants to carry necessities like keys, ID, money..." --- Muscle & Fitness Magazine


"The age-old problem of how to carry small but clumsy essentials-- keys, money, ID, cards, energy gels--on the run has been solved. The pint-sized, neoprene Micropack locks onto your shorts, is as roomy as a pants pocket and doesn't bounce...." --- Runner's World Magazine


"A new clip-on pouch from Amphipod is a definite step up from a shoe-mounted key carrier. The waterproof device holds keys, cash, credit and ID cards, bars, gels and even sunglasses. Made of neoprene, it attaches directly to any waistband" --- Running Times Magazine


"Securely and comfortably carry the basics...The Amphipod Micropack is comfortable, discreet, bounce-free, weather and sweat resistant, non-chafing, easy to use, and multi-activity-use-versatile." --- Pennsylvania Health & Fitness Magazine


"Cool Stuff, water gear...the best toys for ocean and river– Amphipod Micropack All Conditions. Keep stuff dry in a wet world" --- Outside Magazine


"Carrying Devices – Among the choices, you'll find the smaller pouches clip inside the waistband of your running shorts or tights, where they ride almost imperceptibly without bouncing or chafing. The larger pouch fits comfortably around your waist. Amphipod's Micropack pouch is made of soft, fabric-coated neoprene, and comes with a lock on clamp that grips the waistband, and a double velcro flap for security. A removable, waterproof, liner protects items during swimming or rainy runs. The AirFlow Lite provides more cargo room for carrying an MP3 player, cell phone, or other large items. Two interior compartments have a zipper closure, and Airflow fabric mesh allows ventilation between the pouch and your back to eliminate sweaty hot spots. An adjustable elastic belt makes for a snug, no-bounce fit, and the quick-release buckle is easy to use." --- Runner's World Magazine




Featured in the Ultimate Gift Guide for The Fitness Girl – Amphipod Xinglet - “... You can’t run outside in the early morning or late evening hours without some kind of reflective gear.  Obviously, we’re in love with this neon pink version of a standard running vest.  It’s adjustable so it can easily fit over her layers and it’s super light so it won’t weigh her down.  Not only is it 40% more reflective than your standard running vest but it’s also 100% more fun!”---thebeautybean.com


“Winter in the Northwest often leaves runners in the dark, but wearing reflective gear can make all of the difference. The Xinglet Flash LED Reflective from Amphipod is a minimalistic (read: super light) and effective option. It features fluorescent shoulder and side straps and bright red blinking LEDs on the front and back. With fully adjustable straps, it works equally well over a thin base layer or over heavier raingear. We like how comfortable the Xinglet is and how simple it is to power the LEDs on and off.”---OutdoorsNW


"For anyone who thinks they're too cool to wear a reflective vest on a dark winter night or carry a water bottle during a hot summer long run, I recommend the gift of an Amphipod Xinglet and Full-Tilt Velocity waterbottle belt. I shunned both types of products for years but have recently come to appreciate their many benefits."--- Running Times


"The lightweight Xinglet Reflective Vest won't offend even the pickiest of dressers...Also features a pocket that's perfect for an ID card. It's so light you can wear it all year round! And it adjusts so well it also fits me and my husband, who wears it to go biking."--- Parenting Magazine


Thumbs up Review "Amphipod Xinglet Pocket – So you want to run when it's cool in the evening. Good. But your only reflective option is one of those floppy orange highway flagger vests. Bad. Enter the Amphipod. It wraps around your waist, then up and over your shoulders, providing a full 360 degrees of reflection. Every inch of the stretchy, form-fitting band is reflective, and the Y-shaped design keeps it so low cut you can forget you're wearing it. Zippered front pocket model, big enough to hold energy gel, cell phone and keys/ID." --- Hooked on the Outdoors Magazine


Amphipod Full-Visibility Vest independently top-rated for low light and night reflective visibility even away from the center of headlights beam. Expert, independent, nonprofit consumer magazine --- Consumer Magazine


"Ditch the old sweats for latest in winter running gear...reflective material helps drivers spot you in fading light, in the dark, or on rainy days...Amphipod's Xinglet reflective harness has 360-degree visibility." --- BusinessWeek


"Amphipod Xinglet – Lightweight, ultra reflective for 360 degrees. Great for nighttime events. " --- Walk About Magazine


Rated #1 best reflective running vest - "You will barely know that you’re wearing the Amphipod Luminous-Lite Reflective Vest, but everyone around you will know you’re there. With full, top to bottom and 360 degree reflection any driver from any direction will be able to clearly see you coming. This vest is fully adjustable to fit every size and shape of runner and there are no dangling straps or buckles to bounce around and bother you as you are trying to get through your ten mile run as comfortable as possible.??  This vest is super light weight and fully breathable making it an excellent choice for runners in every climate. In short, this vest is the best of the best in terms of both comfort for the runner and visibility – and it’s incredibly affordable to boot" -- Tested and reviewed by Bestcovery.com



Featured in the 2013 Gift Guide: Gadgets – Trans4m Gloves – Keeping warm.  “The Seattle company Amphipod makes all kinds of smart athletic gadgets and accessories, including the Trans4m gloves that work in all kinds of winters, for running, watching football or doing any other outdoor activity. They convert from fingerless gloves to mittens to wristbands and have a tiny zippered pocket and reflective strips.” ---Los Angeles Times

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