Vizlet/Vizlet LED Wearable Reflectors

Amphipod's wearable Vizlet™ Reflectors offer a great way to increase reflective visibility in low-light conditions. They are super versatile and can be easily attached to just about anything! Various pop fluorescent colors and shapes available with and without a flashing LED. Great for running, walking the dog or the disco!

Visibility Enhanced Storage

From breathable comfort stretch straps to the fully vented patented AirFlow™ construction. Feather-light and minimalist ergonomic design eliminates bounce with storage options and sizes for every adventure.

Lights/Lighted Bands

Make sure you can be seen with ultra-bright, ultra high efficient LED and reflective lighted bands/clip on lights. All styles use inexpensive, easy to find and replace long-life battery. Simply attach to just about anything styles.

Reflective Bands/Tabs

High-brilliance reflective bands add reflective visibility to leg, arm, wrist, backpack and more. Popularly used for running, biking and walking in low light conditions. Brilliant colors and fun patterns.

Xinglet™ Minimalist Vests

Ultra-reflective, super visible Xinglet reflective harness, the preferred solution for reflective-shy runners, walkers, bikers and more. Ultra minimalist, ultra-brilliant and ultra-light with 360º visibility - get visible without the coverage of a vest. Designs feature pockets for essential and more.

Reflective Vests

Amphipod Full Visibility Vest™ independently top rated reflective vest with up to 70% more reflective area than standard running vests. The 3M Scotchlite reflective material provides high brilliance/quality.

Reflective Hats

Enhance your visibility with the 360° Full-Viz™ Reflective Hat. Featuring full-surround silver reflective, vented construction and durable outer. Add on the Swift-Clip™ Cap light with solid beam and flashing modes.

Run Gloves

Trans4m™ Adaptive Run Gloves 4 Levels of warmth & versatility - for every stage of every run! Choose from two models: • Trans4m Thermal™ Run Glove for mild climates • Trans4m Thermal Plus™ Run Glove for colder winter climates / moisture resistant
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