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RunLite AirStretch Go!™

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The RunLite AirStretch Go!™ is all about customization to suit your training and racing needs. You can position the SnapFlasks™ anywhere you want them, including vertical or horizontal. And the Run-Ready Pouch™ carries your electronics, gel and other essentials. The top-rated hydration belt combining bounce-free performance, bottle access, overall comfort and versatility.

• Super comfortable AirStretch™ Belt, with no-profile chafe-free edging
• SnapFlasks™ "click" in and out with one hand
• Leak-free 10.5oz. bottles (2) with hi-flow spout
• Fix bottles anywhere on belt for optimized comfort and access
• User moveable Run-Ready Pouch™ (5.5" x 3.25")
• Single handed bottle access with secure click-in system
• Easily add additional modules / accessories


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