Purerun™ Trail 16oz. or 22oz.

Ultra-comfortable, ultra-light, ultra-pure stainless bottle pack system designed specifically for runners. Engineered for seamless on-the-go access to fluids with low-profile compartment for bounce-free storage. 100% BPA-free like all Amphipod™ bottles, the PURErun™ series takes hydration to a new level. Ultra-pure, ultra-light, made to run!

PURErun Stainless™ Bottles

The revolutionary stainless steel bottle system designed specifically for active and on-the-go use. Engineered for seamless on-the-move access to fluids. 100% BPA-free like all Amphipod™ bottles. PURErun series™ bottles take access to fluids to a new level--a totally unique, ultra-pure, instant access system.

PURErun™ Accessories

The perfect essentials to carry insulate and protect our PURErun™ bottles. Hold, insulate and protect your PURErun™ Liter or 22oz bottle in a PURErun™ tote. Great features like multipurpose waist / shoulder strap, spacious zip stretch pocket with keyclip and bungie lock to keep your bottle secure.
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