Add more fluid to RunLite, Full-Tilt, Profile-Lite belts as well as to just about any 1.5 to 2 inch wide strap or belt. Modules attach to belt. Add more docking bases or increase bottle size. 8 and 10.5oz flasks are interchangeable!


SnapPod and SnapGel Modules offer a great way to energize any belt or pack. Quick snap-access for energy chews, tablets, gel and on-the-go energy food/fuel as well as other personal essentials.

+Phone & Music

Add on-the-go access to iPhone, iPod, music player, phones, personal items, essentials and more. Most holders can be placed so that phone/player can be accessed horizontally and vertically.


Add more storage for essentials at any time – from solutions for holding your iPhone, iPod or other phone or player to pouches for other basic essentials like keys, cards/ID, sunglasses, energy food/fuel and more, bring exactly what you need.


Add race number attachment to any RunLite, Full-Tilt or Profile-Lite belt (or to just about any 1 to 2 inch belt or strap). Also see the Race-Lite Series number belts.

+RunLite AirStretch Belts

The RunLite AirStretch Belt™ is all about customization to suit your training and racing needs. Add fluid, storage, and race tabs anytime.
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