Runlite Hydration

RunLite Hydration Belts™ utilize smaller bottles distributing the weight of fluid more evenly around your body. Amphipod's RunLite™ system is totally unique, offering unmatched stretch-belt comfort, bounce-free performance, single handed bottle access with unlimited customization and configurability. Add or move bottles, nutrition accessories and storage at any time.

Bottle Waistpacks

Bottle packs use slightly larger bottles than hydration belts. Amphipod offers both the award winning Full-Tilt Series and the Profile-Lite™ Series with the exclusive combination of the ergonomic 40% flatter Hydraform™ bottle and the natural lateral low-back nesting design. And why carry more fluid than you need? The Profile-Lite™ Series offers easy-access angled sleeve designs with low profile bottles ranging from 12 to 32 ounces.

PURErun™ Stainless

PURErun™ – The only ultra-high grade superlight stainless steel hydration products designed and engineered specifically for running. The PURErun Series™ includes packs, bottles, handheld hydration and other accessories.

Bottles, Handhelds, Soft-Flasks & Caps

Handheld Hydration offers the ability to hand carry bottles equipped with a comfortable and minimalist hand strap allowing your hand to relax. Amphipod's handhelds offer an exclusive low-profile design not found in traditional handhelds. Various bottle sizes available. The top-rated handheld by Ultra Running Magazine.


Customize_Your_Run™ allows unlimited customization to just about any Amphipod™ product. Add fluid, nutrition and storage to carry just about anything you need on the run.

PureRun Vests

PureRun™ Minimalist Hydration Vest - feature packed with versatile storage pockets in lightweight minimalist package. Available in a variety of fluid storage options.
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