HandPod SmartView™

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The effortless, easy-access carrying solution for iPhone 5™, smart phones, iPod touch™, and players!

• Comfortably wear on the inside of your palm or the back of your hand
• Protective clear View-Thru™ front panel for full screen access and touch control
• Multi-position thumb-lock™ design for the perfect fit
• Easy-access main compartment with zippered security and spring-lock zipper
• Versatile headphone jack port locations accomodate wide range of electronics
• Extra outer and inner pockets for cash, ID and headphone cord stash
• Soft and comfortable chafe-free fully adjustable hand-strap for the perfect fit
• Perfect for running, walking, fitness and leisure
• Sized to hold all iPhone models, iPod touch and similarly sized phones and players.
 Fits: iPhone 5, iPhone 4s (all iPhones) and similarly sized phones and music players


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