Belt Sizing

For one-size adjustable belts what is the size range?

RunLite belts come in fitted and one-size options.  One-size belts generally run from 26"-48".  Fitted belt sizes vary by belt type.  See the specific belt you are interested in for sizing for that belt.  Belt extenders are available.



What is the difference between the various Micropack lock-on pouch options?

We make a number of lock-on Micropack versions, from the Micropack LandSport, Micropack Satellite, Explorer, etc.  The Amphipod patented Micropack locking system attaches to your waistband, so that you can access your essentials on the go.  The basic difference between the various versions is size, integrated dividers/pockets and “inny” vs. “outie” – some are meant to be worn inside the waistband (like the LandSport) and some are meant to be worn outside the waistband (like the Satellite).  The Micropack SmartView series allows for full touch control of your iPhone or almost any other smartphone or player while on the go.

What holders are designed to fit my iPhone?

There are many Amphipod products for the iPhone.  Some examples are the Micropack SmartView, BeltPod SmartView, ArmPod SmartView, Rapid access pouches, all AirFlow series belts, the Rapid Access Pouch included with most RunLite hydration belts, along with all Full-Tilt, Profile-Lite and PURErun bottle packs.

What ArmPod carrier will fit my specific phone or player?

We make a variety of ArmPod carriers designed to fit most if not all players and phones.  The classic ArmPod is designed to adjust to fit the widest range of players from large format cell phones to medium players and phones.  The ArmPod SmartView is designed to fit most large format phones/players including an iPhone (alone or in most standard shock/protective bumper cases).  The ArmPod SmartView micro is designed to fit most smaller format players and phones including up to the 5th generation nano (the ArmPod SmartView Microtune is designed specifically for the 6th gen nano but the new nano will fit in the Music-Go arm Pouch or the ZipPod wrist pocket as well).  The ArmPod microplayer is designed to fit small format players.  See individual product pages for more info on sizing, etc.

What is the difference between the Beltpod SmartView and the Micropack SmartView?

The Beltpod SmartView pouch is designed to slide onto a 1-2 inch belt or strap (you can choose from parallel and perpendicular placement on belt/strap).  The Micropack SmartView series pouches have a locking clip designed to clamp to the waistband of your running shorts, warmups, skirt, etc.


Are amphipod bottles dishwasher safe?

Yes.  Top rack bottle, cap (in the open position) in the silverware bin.

Can the SnapFlask Modules (the accessory modules and from RunLite belts) be used to add fluid to more than the RunLite system?

Yes.  The SnapFlask Modules work great on the Full-Tilt and Profile-Lite packs to add fluid, a mix of energy drinks, water, gel, juice, jelly beans, shot blocks, etc.  As well, RunLite modules, flasks and other RunLite customization modules/add-ons can be used on just about any belt or pack with a 1.5 to 2 inch wide strap belt.  The AirFlow lite and AirFlow Endurance are not designed to hold the 8 and 10.5oz SnapFlask modules although they will accommodate 4oz. Gel modules.

Will the Race-Lite Number Tabs (race number holders) work on other belts/packs?

Yes, the Race-Lite Number Tabs will hold a race number on all a packs and belts including the AirFlow Lite, AirFlow Endurance, Full-Tilt, Profile-Lite, RunLite, Xinglets, Full-Viz Reflective Belt, etc.  You can place one of the number tab elastic loops so that it is retained on the female buckle of your belt so that when you squeeze the elastic loop it releases the buckle (and your belt).  Also, make sure you feed the number behind the plastic tab part not in front.

Can I use the 10.5oz bottles in the same modules as the 8oz. bottle?

Yes, Both the 8oz and the 10.5oz botlles are interchangeable in the SnapFlask “holder.” (4oz. module works with the 4oz. gel bottle only.)

Can I use gel in the 8oz and 10.5oz RunLite (SnapFlask) bottles?

Yes.  Turn the bottles upside down in the modules so that the gel is always ready to go.  Also, some athletes add a little water to thin the gel in their bottles but this is not necessary.  The 4oz SnapGel Module is specifically for holding energy gel although both the 8 and 10.5oz bottles can be used.

Are Amphipod bottles BPA-free?

Yes.  All Amphipod bottles are BPA-free and have always been BPA-free.

What is the difference between the AirStretch and the RunLite Stretch-limiter belts?

The AirStretch belt is designed to have more stretch and is also designed specifically for people who like to wear their hydration belt low around their waist.

How do I remove the handstrap from the PURErun 16oz Stainless Handheld?

First loosen the PURErun handstrap via the adjuster buckle (hidden at the bottom end of the pouch).  Slide the strap off the base of the bottle with a little elbow grease. Take the sleeve off, unscrew the main cap and pop it off the pop-cap, then take the handstrap collar off over the the pop-cap tether ring.

THE TRICK IS: Don’t take tether/pop-cap off the bottle (leave tether and pop-cap assembled to bottle and wash together in the dishwasher). In the dishwasher, wash the bottle in three pieces: Spout, Main Cap and Bottle (with tether and pop-cap).

Reverse to assemble (making sure handstrap collar gets back fully under the tether ring).

How do my Jett-Lock™ caps work?


How do I change the battery in my Full-Viz Flash Clip-On LED light?

The back with the clip twists off with a quarter turn counter-clockwise.  Instead of  using your fingers, its much easier to use a metal allen wrench or Phillips screwdriver sized to fit all the way through the through-hole in the top of the clip.  Put the tool through the hole and twist off the back.  The light takes a single CR2032 battery that can be found at any drugstore.  Make sure the battery gets put in the same way the old one came out and the back gets twisted on the opposite way it came off.

How do I size adjust and care for my Xinglet Optic Beam™ USB Rechargeable Vest?

Order Info

How can I buy a particular product?

Amphipod® products are carried in specialty running and outdoor stores throughout the U.S. and in Canada. We encourage you to visit the experts at your local specialty sports shop to purchase our products. However, if there's not a store convenient to you or you can't find what you need, you can order securely online through the individual product pages on our site.  Please see the Amphipod Product Locator (top right of page) for a list of stores in your area.

International shipping

We do not currently offer international shipping.  However there are a number of web sites/stores who do  -- being a good option for this.

Shipping Options

What are my options for international shipping?

We do not currently offer international shipping. However there are a number of web sites/stores who do  -- being one good option for this.

General shipping

We generally ship same day for orders placed before 1pm Pacific time.  Your order will take from 2-4 business days for delivery (excluding Canada).  Please email us at if you need your order expedited for a race or for any other reason.

Please see the Amphipod Product Locator (top right of page) for a list of stores in your area.

Canadian orders generally ship same day for orders placed before 1pm Pacific time and ship via first class international post.

Warranty Information

What does Amphipod's warranty cover?

 Amphipod covers defects in craftsmanship for the reasonable lifetime of your product.
Please email us for more information or to initiate a warranty claim.

Please include with your email:
• Purchase information - including: date of purchase, Store Name or Website, Receipt or Order Confirmation
• Photo(s) of Product highlighting defect.
• Brief Description of Issue

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